Mai Thai Restaurant

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Mai Thai Restaurant

Address: Mai Thai Restaurant, 6 Val Road, Saint Anne, Alderney

Phone: 01481 824940 - Email - Website - Map
Reviews (4)
12/02/2024 @ 9:42 am
Melonie & Greg
Mai Thai Restaurant Alderney
There was only one Thai restaurant on Alderney when we visited, but they don't need any more because this one serves up fabulous Thai cuisine. Eat in or take it back to the boat. I dont think they deliver, but its a nice walk up from the harbour and you will have a good appetite when you get back to the boat.
27/10/2023 @ 10:08 am
Sarah & Colin Hough
Mai Thai Restaurant Alderney
It was a pleasant surprise when we received the PDF copy of the harbour guide and saw there was a Thai restaurant on the island. We checked it out and fortunately didn't have to book, (We would recommend booking though as it can get very busy) The food is typical Thai, and is very good. If you are coming from Braye Harbour, you will probably see it. It has a nice atmosphere and we enjoyed eating in, although it is close enough to the harbour to take the food back to the boat.
10/01/2023 @ 3:36 pm
Karl Thompson
Mai Thai Restaurant Alderney
I do enjoy a good Thai meal whenever I get chance. I have travelled Thailand quite a lot and know the difference betwean good and not so good Thai food. I have to say that the food at the Mai Thai Restaurant was fantastic. For such a small island to have this quality of Thai cuisine is unusual but very welcome.
15/08/2022 @ 10:10 am
Francis and Ben Thompson
Mai Thai Restaurant Alderney
Beautiful Thai restaurant for eat in or takeaway. Situated on Val road, at thetop of the main street. Typical Thai menu ptrepared to a very high standard. We eat a lot of Thai food and this is up there with the best.
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