Lynnfield Hotel Restaurant

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Lynnfield Hotel Restaurant
Built on a commitment to using the finest local produce, including beef, seaweed-fed North Ronaldsay mutton, fish, shellfish and much more Ė our talented head chef, Lorna Reid, creates dishes that are light, elegant, yet full of flavour.
Our restaurant also has the largest wine list offering the widest, highest quality choice in Orkney. Supplied by Kirkness & Gorie.

Address: Lynnfield Hotel, Holm Road, Kirkwall, Orkney, KW15 1SU

Phone: 01856 872505 - Email - Website - Map
Reviews (9)
04/10/2023 @ 7:06 pm
Dionysus Crew
Had to go on a three-week diet after eating around a dozen if their bloody sticky toffee puddings!! They should have a health warning on them as they are addictive. Joking apart itís a great hotel bar and restaurant. But be warned about the pudding!!
04/10/2023 @ 7:05 pm
Sue Patterson & family
Really canít fault the Lynnfield Hotel for food and service. We canít comment on the rooms as we didnít stay here (We were on a boat) but we did speak to other guests and they were all very complementary about the rooms and service.
04/10/2023 @ 7:04 pm
Colin & Debs
Fantastic rooms with all the modern equipment. Good size and well decorated. The staff are very attentive and chatty. We ate here on every night we stayed. We will definitely come again.
04/10/2023 @ 7:04 pm
Sharon, Pete & Clan
The food here is absolutely delicious and so are the views. Try and get a table near the window if possible.
04/10/2023 @ 7:03 pm
Carlton Group
All eight of us met at the hotel for a special occasion and all eight of us were delighted with just about everything. Probably one of the best selection of malts you will find on this planet. Great experience.!!
04/10/2023 @ 7:03 pm
Wendy & Robin Thompson (Yacht
Only a short walk from the harbour the Lynnfield Hotel has a varied menu with pretty much something to suit everyone. We ate here three times on our visit and Robin worked himself through a bottle or two of the excellent whiskies they serve, and I managed to get myself through a few bottles of their white wines. Oh, by the way the food is delicious.
04/10/2023 @ 7:02 pm
Ally and Kelsey (Fairwinds)
We did plan to come in and have a meal, but this place is very popular and has we hadnít booked, we couldnít get a table. We did stay for a drink or three though and were kept company by the hotels lovely dog. Next time we will be making a reservation and will review the food. It looked delicious.
04/10/2023 @ 7:01 pm
HG Crew
Hi Francis, Great to hear you are planning a visit to The Orkney Islands. The best way to contact the Lynnfield Hotel is to go direct. Their contact details are above. This is more of a review section and they may not see your post straight away.
Enjoy your trip to the Orkney Islands and let us know how you got on.
04/10/2023 @ 7:01 pm
Lynnfield Hotel
We are looking into visiting the Orkney Islands this year for a winter break and as we have never been before we are doing a little research. We are a family of 5 two aduts and three children aged 6,8 and 14. We are looking for a hotel thats suitable for our family. Can you tell us a little bit about what to do to keep everyone happy? We are pretty sporting and normally spend a lot of time playing sports and swimming. This is going to be a different type of holiday, but one we are looking forward to.
Any tips or advice for us?
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