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Lorraine Nicolle was born and raised on the tiny island of Sark, in the Channel Islands. She has made her life there and runs a pottery in the centre of the island just off the 'main' street, The Avenue. On this website you can view many of Lorraine's unique creations in both pottery and silver. For anything from £2.99 through to £60 you can own your own little piece of silver or pottery, made uniquely as no two pieces are the same. View a 360° tour

Address: Lorraine's Pottery & Silverware, The Avenue Workshop Sark, Channel Islands GY10 1SB

Phone: +44 1481 832624 - Email - Website - Map
Reviews (5)
09/02/2021 @ 12:18 pm
Jamie & Phee
Sounds amazing, silver jewellery is my absolute favourite! Will definitely stop by for a browse and hopefully a pottery lesson too
31/08/2019 @ 10:41 am
Chrystal + Tony
Em va encantar molt aquesta botiga. Hem comprat regals per al vaixell. És possible fer els vostres propis regals aquí. La senyora us pot ensenyar a fer ceràmica.
és molt bonic.
16/08/2019 @ 2:48 pm
Yacht Jours heureux
Nous avons adoré ce magasin .. mais c'est plus qu'un magasin. vous pouvez apprendre à faire des pots ici. ça a l'air vraiment intéressant, mais nous n'avons pas eu assez de temps cette année pour prendre les leçons. nous reviendrons à Sark l’année prochaine et nous avons promis de prendre les leçons et de faire nos propres dons pour les récupérer
20/07/2019 @ 9:14 am
Harry & Lynn
You must come and visit this pottery when you come to Sark. Again this was another of the businesses that adds to the charm of this stunning island. Its all well and good being on this beautiful island with great views and restaurants etc. But its important to have things to do. So here you can come and buy some lovely gifts or why not make your own, Lorraine also teaches pottery lessons here, so you can make that gift or keepsake that bit more special by making it yourself. This is the perfect shop for having a different day. We loved it.
18/05/2019 @ 2:50 pm
Steve Harbourguides Crew
Fancy something different to do? Then you could do a lot worse than to visit Lorraine's Pottery & Silverware. You can buy beautiful gifts ready to go, or for the more adventurous, why not take some lessons from Elaine and create your own pottery and gifts? Lorraine's an excellent teacher with plenty of patience. Your visit here will be fun,educational and you will end up with a unique keepsake or gift. .
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