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Lindos Village
Lindos Rhodes is a picturesque village, ancient in history, located on the south east coast of the island. It is one of the most popular travel locations in Greece and the Mediterranean, because of the relaxed atmosphere, the friendly local inhabitants, and the pristine condition in which you find the town itself, and its well-kept beaches.
Thousands of adventure travelers make their way to Lindos Rhodes each year seeking thrills and the many activities that are available. Whether you simply want to just relax on the beach, dive, snorkel, go on the Aegean Sea cruises, or simply explore the rich character of the old town and the Acropolis which dominates the area, it is a great location for a family holiday, or for a couple who simply want to get away from it all. The old town itself is a maze of picturesque narrow streets with most of the small shops openly displaying wares from unique clothes and jewelry, to pottery, custom made sandals and leather goods, and regional crafts. It’s as shopaholics dream and you can spend hours browsing through the shops or taking a break in the villages many restaurants and ethnic bars.
In the evenings you can enjoy the many varied selections of cuisine available from the rooftop restaurants which offer spectacular views of the Acropolis at sunset, or participate in the lively nightlife of the village’s numerous bars and cafes. If you’re not into clubbing and the nightlife, you’ll be pleased to know that after 11pm the volume is turned down and everything closes down at respectable time. Additionally the bars and clubs into the town itself away from the majority of Lindos apartments, so if you have young children with you, you shouldn’t be disturbed.

Address: Lindos Village, Rhodes, Greece

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