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Caragh Chocolates
THE CREAM OF THE CHANNEL ISLANDS We’re a bit of an enigma here on the island of Sark.
Cars aren’t allowed, so we travel around by bicycle or indeed a horse and carriage. If this sounds a bit old fashioned, it is. And we like it that way. Our cows only breathe clean air, and munch on grass that’s rich and lush. They produce milk so full of flavour and goodness, it’s our star ingredient: it becomes wholesome cream that’s almost too thick to pour. We then marry it with carefully selected couverture chocolate, creating a taste as pure and gorgeous as Sark itself.
You'll find us nestled between Guernsey and Jersey. We make all our chocolates by hand, in our kitchen surrounded by breathtaking vistas, coastal paths and secret bays. When are you coming? View a 360° tour

Address: Caragh Chocolates, Sark, Channel Islands

Phone: 01481 832703 - Email - Website - Map
Reviews (5)
23/02/2021 @ 10:53 pm
Sheila Turner
Caragh Chocolates Sark
Hoping to visit Guernsey with friends in July (Hoping with fingers crossed as well) and we plan to visit Sark for a few days. We were looking at La Sablonerrie on Little Sark, but noticed that you have self catering accommodation as well as Caragh Chocolates. Is there a price list you can send me?
31/08/2019 @ 10:46 am
Chrystal + Tony
Probablement el nostre lloc favorit a l’illa.
xocolata increïble elaborat mentre vigileu. No és el lloc per visitar si està en dieta. no podràs resistir. no podíem
20/07/2019 @ 9:28 am
Harry & Lynn
We Called in here on our cycle ride to Little Sark to rest our legs(We hadnt ridden a bike for some years) Well this is just another business that sets this island apart. We really have fallen in love with Sark in a big way,We cant really put it down to one thing, ie the stunning views, the lovely restaurants, the islanders etc. One thing we were sure of is the Caragh Chocolates certainly adds to the ingredients in making Sark so special. Pleeeeez dont change Sark We love you as you are
19/05/2019 @ 12:06 am
Retirfull Crew
This brings back very many very memories of a previous navigation to Sark. We are navigation another sail here in July, and its so good to see Caragh Chocolates is still doing their great thing. We will be taking back plenty of their wares on our return.
18/05/2019 @ 3:02 pm
Steve Harbourguides Crew
Well worth the short trip from the village to visit this quaint chocolate factory. Caragh owns and runs the business. You can watch as the small team make and prepare all the beautiful chocolates, or have a bite to eat in the lovely cafe. If you have come to Sark, please don't leave without visiting this gem.
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