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The Alderney Wildlife Trust aims to promote the conservation and protection of Alderney's terrestrial and marine wildlife and associated habitats, also to promote the conservation and protection of places of scientific interest, amenity value or natural beauty. Since its launch in 2002 the Trust now actively manages around 20k of public footpath and over 120ha of the islandís countryside as nature reserve, in addition to the Islandís Internationally Imprtant Wetland (Ramsar) site which includes many of Alderneyís key species such as Northern Gannet and Puffin. The Trust also founded the Islandís Bird Observatory in 2016 which collects detailed records of the momentous European migration which passes the island each year.
When visiting the Island you can find out more about the Trustís regular walks and activities programme from bat and hedgehog walks, to wildlife kayaking, boat trips and historic tours at the Wildlife Centre in the centre of the islandís only town, St. Anne
(íon). The volunteers and staff at the centre can also help you plan your visit, pointing out interesting and often missed sites and providing access to unusual buildings such as the ominous WWII naval tower known as the Odeon

Address: Alderney Wildlife Trust, 48 Victoria Street, Alderney, GY9 3TA

Phone: 01481 822935 Fax: 01481 822935 - Email - Website - Map
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