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Welcome to AAA Taxis Preston, our location in Preston is very central and situated almost opposite Preston Railway Station & the Fishergate Centre. We have a large fleet of vehicles, which allows us to provide private hire for any type of journey - from around the corner to long distance and airport runs. We are happy to help in any way, you can contact us for further information.

Address: AAA Taxis, 5 & 9 Corporation Street, Preston, PR12UP

Phone: (01772) 555111 Fax: (01772) 562695 - Email - Website - Map
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30/05/2021 @ 10:27 pm
Iíve used AAA taxis for years. Theyíre always on time, reliable. Polite drivers. Decent cars. Tonight has been a totally different story. The driver turned up at the wrong side of the building (after Iíd specifically asked for them to come to the other side). He ring to say he had arrived and I said Iím here waiting but I canít see you. He said he was at the other side. So we went through the pub to find him waiting at the other side. I said sorry I had asked that the car arrive at the other side. He said I canít keep waiting for you Iíve got other jobs. I said Iím sorry itís not my fault that youíre at the wrong side. He said well itís not my fault either. And if you want to get another taxi then do so because Iíve got loads of other jobs to go to. I said Iím not staying in this taxi with you with an attitude like that. So I got out and he drove off. I rang the office and they immediately apologised and sent another driver who was the usual pleasant polite driver I had always experienced.
It was the first time out for me in such a long time after a horrible lockdown year and itís a shame this one taxi driver has upset such a lovely evening. It wonít stop me using AAA again as Iíve always had such a great experience with them before. I just hope I never get that taxi driver again. Iíve made a note of the Reg number and will cancel if it comes up on my texts in the future.
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