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ImageWELCOME 2014

Itís that time again when we get ready to say farewell to the old year and welcome in the new one. But before we say goodbye 2013 and welcome aboard 2014, I think we should look back and reflect on 2013.

Well What a year itís been! Some good and some bad! Business wise itís been another rock steady year from Harbourguides, as our life long philosophy of keeping our expenses down and ploughing our profits back into the business has proved successful again. We launched our new chat forum, a simple forum aimed not just at sailing folk, but anyone who wants to have a chat or ask a question, we will always try to help. This is still developing and we hope 2014 will really see this take off. Head over to the Forum page to take a look

We also added a review section, where visitors could leave feedback on any particular business that is advertised with us. Take a look at an example review Example review to get an idea.

Another new feature we introduced in 2013 was our business maps. This allows the visitor to easily asses the location of the service they are looking for. take a look at an example business map example business map to see get an idea.

There were many more updates and improvements throughout 2013, too many to mention all of them here. And 2014 will continue to see improvements to Harbourguides, keeping us well ahead of the competition.

But none of this would be possible if werenít for our fabulous sponsors and advertisers. We would like to say a special thank you to each and every business or service that has advertised with us in our 13 year history, and we hope to serve you well, and help drive custom to your businesses.

As always we would like to thank all the Harbourguides Crew for their work and effort this year, well done guys and keep it up in 2014, and a special mention for Paul Smith, (Our main man in the field) who rarely comes home but chooses to stay away visiting the different marinas around Britain in order to bring the much needed and appreciated advertising revenue to the company. He hasnít been in the best of health recently, but it hasnít slowed him down too much, so thank you Paul.

Well what of the bad times in 2014, business wise we have been extremely fortunate at Harbourguides, and long may that continue, but on a personal note 2013 has not been very kind. Sadly on Sunday March the 24th at 13.50 hours Sheila Mallinson lost her incredibly brave fight against cancer. She was the most fantastic, Mother, Grandmother, Great Grandmother and wife ever. Itís impossible to put into words how much this incredible lady is missed. She was the Mother of Harbourguides crew member Steve Mallinson, Grandmother to Harbourguides Director Kimberley (Fisher)Beswick, and Great Grandmother to Harbourguides Mascot Chloe Fisher, and each one of them and the rest of her family are trying to come to terms with their loss. She really was special and will never be forgotten.

So what has 2014 got in store for us? Harbourguides will continue to try and improve our service, both to our visitors and our advertisers, we will be adding new features and improvements throughout the year as always, and we have some very exciting plans that we will enlighten you with later in the year.

But on a personal note, nobody really knows what 2014 has in store for them, for sure there will be some highs, but we have to be prepared also for some lows, hopefully not too many though, but one things for sure, life really is what you make of it, so go out there and make 2014 a special one, enjoy as much of it as you can, visit loved ones as often as you can, and try and enjoy. We certainly will.!

Hereís to Sheila. God Bless xxx
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01/01/2014 @ 11:46 pm
Very good that Mally - God Bless x
05/12/2013 @ 7:11 am
Steve Mally
Sounds like a good idea Chloe! Lets start planning x
04/12/2013 @ 9:39 pm
Bring on 2014. Lets plan a new sailing adventure for the summer and make Gramby proud x
02/12/2013 @ 7:15 pm
Keep the faith Mate, and keep on keepin on.
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