ImageWell we are nearly through another year and for most people a tough one at that. With the economic climate as it is, many people and businesses have had a pretty torrid time of it. Well the good news is that this year is nearly over and we at Harbourguides refuse to believe all the doom and gloom mongers and honestly believe that 2012 is going to be terrific.
So we would like to dedicate this article to all our valued sponsors and advertisers, who without, we would not be able to produce our Harbour Guides. So first of all a massive thank you from all the Harbourguides Crew to every single one of our advertisers and sponsors. We in turn will endeavour to do our upmost to promote and increase business to you.
As our company policy has been for the last eleven years now, all profits are once again going back into the company to improve the service to our visitors and therefore encourage more and more visitors to the site. This has obviously been a successful tactic; as yet again our unique visits to Harbourguides have increased by a massive 20% over the last twelve months.
In 2012 we will be introducing some exciting new features to the site in order to keep us ahead of our competition, these new inclusions will be added throughout 2012 and although we canít disclose them in this article, they truly are going to improve our service in a massive way.
The other good news for our advertisers is that although our visitors are continuing to increase and we keep improving our service to them, advertisers and sponsors costs will not go up by one single penny. That is our promise for 2012.
A lot of our competitors have sadly fallen by the wayside over the last few years, probably the most well known one being Reeds Online, we take no satisfaction from this as we have always enjoyed healthy competition at Harbourguides, but it confirms our business strategy is working as we still continue to sail through these difficult times quite smoothly.
I think a big thank you also has to go out to the crew at Harbourguides, So well done guys, especially Paul Smith and Theo Negros, who rarely return home as they are constantly on the road letting more businesses know of the opportunities we have at Harbourguides.Also Rob Bethell who ensures we keep well ahead of our rivals and is always on hand to solve any on-line problems that may occur.
So I would like to raise my glass to everyone who has contributed to the success of Harbourguides, past and present Have a fantastic Christmas and a prosperous 2012 and beyond. CHEERS!!!!
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