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MastaClimba is a high quality aid to an easy and rapid ascent when climbing a mast or any structure where a rope can be installed. It comprises of two footrests which are pivoted in a centre box carrying a guide tube through which is threaded an ascent rope attached to the mast head and secured to the deck below.

The device enables you to get from deck to mast head in less than two minutes and can be used easily by anyone of any age or ability. It also means that someone weighing 7 stone can assist someone who weighs 12 stone to climb the mast with little effort.

A few of the Harbour Guides Crew have now tried this device and each one of them really rates it.one of them has used it to to climb the mast unaided(although this is not what it is designed for)

So it has been well tried and tested and Harbour Guides thoroughly recommend you check it out. And it only costs around 200, which is a veritable snip of a price.
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21/09/2013 @ 8:30 am
I first saw this at the 2012 Southampton Boat Show. Our friends bought the last one in stock. We all tried it. It was so easy! We bought our own at the 2013 show. Same price as last year. It's a very impressive bit of kit. Essential to have on board. The after sales service is second to non and the technical/safety advice is excellent & sensible. As others have stated, over engineered and under priced.
09/10/2011 @ 10:01 am
Graham Pentold
Saw this at Southampton Boat Show>>was thinking about buying one but wanted some feedback on them> Now your crew rate them i will be getting one for our boat.
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