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June 2014

ImageWell June has arrived and we can now all look forward to the summer. Those cold days and dark nights are well and truly behind us, and the air feels warmer and everyone seems to be in a better mood.

The Harbourguides Crew are all excited, preparing the boat “Knight Song” for the season, we have got so many volunteers for the antifouling!(must be the trip to Barcelona that encourages them)and, as always, there are plenty of other niggling little jobs that need attending too, a stitch in time, as they say. We are still compiling guides in and around the Barcelona area, to get a foot hold in the Mediterranean market, we think this is so important to Harbourguides progression in the future.

But what about the present? Well we are currently updating some of our guides in Scotland. Specifically the West Coast at the moment. This fabulous sailing ground is a major attraction for many thousands of yachtsmen, mainly due to its beauty and accessibility at all times, and of course the famous Scottish hospitality. Once these are updated, we plan our long overdue trip to the Hamble, to compile an up to date informative guide to this fabulous place.

So much to do, and so little time to do it in. Just to think we are nearly half way through the year! We are going to push on, and as always keep working away and see how far the rest of this year can take us. We have always been ambitious at Harbourguides, that’s something that will never change. But we also believe in the “Work hard Play hard” school of thought. So as always at sometime this summer we will be taking our usual break to unwind and come back refreshed and ready for the sprint to Christmas.

So we would like to take this opportunity to wish all of you a great summer. Get out on the water if you can, and make the most of any sunny day and the long hours of daylight we are having, because soon enough we will be talking about those cold dark nights again.

So on behalf of the Harbourguides Crew “Have the best summer ever!”
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