Saturday October 27th, 2012
ImageHarbourguides are well on the way to completing their visitors guide to Gibraltar. Our man in the field Paul Smith has had a warm welcome and a tremendous response from the many businesses and services that operate in and around Gibraltar.
We have received many emails recently asking us to updater our Gibraltar harbour guide, as there have been many changes since we were last there, and Harbourguides crew nipped in earlier this summer on their trip to the Med aboard Knight Song(They stayed a week and loved it) and insisted that someone get over their soon to produce a complete guide for both mariners and general visitors.
Paul didn't need asking twice and set off at the beginning of October and is still there now. He said: I am really enjoying working here and the response I am getting from the local services is extremely positive, I am determined to make the Gibraltar harbour guide one of the most comprehensive guides we have, as it certainly merits it'.
So if Paul or his crew member Andy Sproul contact you for an appointment, please spare them a few minutes of your time to let them show you what we are doing and hopefully include you in our Gibraltar visitor guide.
Harbourguides Crew.

Head over to the Gibraltar guide to take a look
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27/10/2012 @ 12:00 pm
Chris T
I met Paul in Preston, for an appointment regarding my upholstery business.Although capable of doing the work I had not considered doing marine upholstery before this, but he persuaded me to promote it on Harbourguides..Well since then a large percentage of my work involves marine upholstery and its a pleasure to do.
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