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Winter live aboard

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05/06/2018 15:32

I am wondering how people who live on their boats in the winter in the Midwest (they can be brutal) cope with dock side water. I am storing my Regal Commodore 300 in the water this winter and plan to spend some time on it as I have heat for the cabin but don't leave the heat on when away from the boat. I have winterized all the fresh water and head and just intend to use bottled water as needed. The marina has a nice shower facility and several amenities so we don't need to use the boat facilities. I do see boats that have water hooked up to them and I do know the marina offers several slips with water. What am I missing that I can't use water from my dock or holding tank for the winter and have running water when I am there. Or can I? I have never done the winter thing before so I really don't know.

Please help.

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