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When should you treat Osmosis?

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21/01/2017 00:23
I scraped the bottom of my boat back to the gelcoat when I was antifouling a few of years ago. I discovered some blisters ( not hundreds) I did pop one and it smelt of the dreaded viniger.
The boat was in a clear water lake at the time and it did shock me at the time. Some people said it could be just at the 'Moulding Points'? The boat is now in the Med. I usualy antifoul every two years. My question is, should you treat this as soon as possible to save money and time? or do you let it progress further as it costs no more and the damage is still repaired?
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16/02/2017 18:35
Hi Sarah
I found this article online. Its very informative. Here is the link:
Hope this helps
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