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When are you insured on a swinging mooring?

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27/01/2017 15:30
I am sailing in the Med this coming Summer and I am aware of some unofficial swinging moorings. They are essentially large concrete blocks with a hoop. I am going to get a diver to inspect and attach new chain and warp. These buoy moorings officially are not owned by anyone, but are extremely secure (So long as the chain and rope sound) My concern is, would I be insured while using one of these moorings if I am on board at the time. Im sure my insurance covers me at anchorage and I think these moorings are far less likely to drag than an anchor.
My question is, would my insurance company or any other insurance companies cover me whilst on one?
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04/02/2017 21:26
I think the answer tio this is simply contact your insurance company and explain the circumstances. They will tell you where and when you are insured.
HG Crew
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