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Whats the best way to avoid seasickness ?

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12/01/2017 10:51
I am sailing Ireland from Fleetwood in February with my boyfriend on a 11 metre sailboat. I am extremely new to sailing and have so far only travelled close to the marina, I am very concerned about getting seasick, but am reluctant to take medication as I have heard that it makes you drowsy. Is there a technique or method that can be used to avoid seasickness.
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17/01/2017 18:46
If you dont want to take any medication, make sure you have a full meal and not been partying the night before. Whilst on board the boat, make sure you keep eye contact as much as possible with something outside the boat, ie the horizon or some landmark. Do not start reading and try to avoid going below to make food or a brew, if you have to though, try and keep looking out of one of the portholes focusing on something. Keep to this and you should be fine.
Enjoy the journey, im sure it will be fine
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