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Whats the best fold up electric bike?

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10/08/2017 21:42
We are fed up with buying fold up bikes for our boat. They always rust up, due to the proximity of the sea and quite often hard work on any journey over a few miles. We have therefore decided to splash out a little more and invest in a couple of fold up electric bikes.
We have done a certain amount of research and it does seem that there have been vast improvements in the electric bike market. We however are interested in something that is easy to fold and re-assemble, reasonably lightweight, doesnt rust up easily, plus folds away to a small size as space is of a premium on the boat.
People have suggested brompton's. OK these are great but the price seems extremely high.
Can someone suggest something a little less expensive that is of good quality and reliable. We are live-aboard's in Mediterranean Spain and don't return to the UK often, so a supplier over here or a company that can deliver would be ideal.
Thanks in advance
Paula and Greg
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03/11/2017 15:30
Hi! We bought BMX folding bikes and so far they seem to do the job, however they are not electric! We wanted electric bikes to start, but they are quite heavy and cumbersome.
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08/11/2017 20:05
This company specialise in electric bikes including folding one's. The guy who runs it is pretty knowledgeable and helped us out.
We've been using them for a few years now, and they are getting better and better. The distance and speed have increased dramatically.
Hope you find the right one.
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03/12/2020 13:10
Something like a Dahon will be the cheapest solution to a decent quality folding bike than placing the front motor on it. You probably want your 20 inch ones. Special hubs are available in 16' versions and they are pretty big and heavy 24/26' versions.
Checking reviews for cheap dirt bikes at this site are made from steel and aluminum, and for this kind of application the steel is more suitable. However, you do want to secure the fork with torque arms irrespective of the frame form.
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