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Whats the best battery booster/charger for a boat?

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22/09/2014 19:39
I am quite new to sailing, and love the fact that I can get A to B just on wind power. However I do have a yacht that is equipped with a rather reliable inboard diesel engine. Without this I would not be able to get her in and out of the marina, and also I rely on it heavily whenever 'Sailing'. My main concern is that when the conditions are perfect and I am actually sailing, I obviously like to turn the engine off, to add to the tranquillity of the sail. Problem though is I have no confidence in my battery's or the charger. OK I could easily buy new batteries and charger (Which I have) but the underlying problem for me is if there is a problem with one or both of them what is the alternative? I have decided to buy a battery power booster pack for jump starting. I have no idea what the best one to buy is though. I recently bought one from a market that cost me the grand total of 35, this came with compressor and torch lights etc. I might as well have thrown the 35 down the drain, its no use whatsoever. I dont mind spending (within reason ie 200/300 ) to get something that I can have faith in and trust. Can anyone recommend a make or model that will do the job?
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16/05/2015 11:23
Search on this site you will surely get the help.

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16/07/2015 11:23
Thanks Janetdfloss
Much appreciated
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