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Whats the best antifoul?

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10/10/2015 14:28
I antifoul my boat every two years. I normally use Cruiser uno, and have been happy with it. I am now considering using a copper antifoul. It's much more expensive, but claims to last 9 years. Is this true. If you have used this on your boat I would be very interested in hearing how you rate it.
Also is it ok to use on an old boat? Ie 15 years old.
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10/10/2015 17:13
Antifoul every year or two versus every 14 years
Jonty Pearce writing in Yachting Monthly owns a Southerly 105 which with its lifting keel is kept on a drying mooring. After slurry blasting the bottom, he applied four coats of epoxy followed by four coats of a metal laced epoxy product called Coppercoat which claims to provide 14 years weed free antifouling. An alternative to hauling out every year or two maybe?
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