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What's the best anchor for the Med

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17/05/2013 08:05
I am in the market for a new anchor that will be predominately used in the Mediterranean..Can anyone advise on which one to buy. My initial thoughts were a Rocna anchor, however someone at the marina said they have had quality issues with their grade of steel..Is there any truith in this, or is it the usual marina gossip?.. Please help.
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01/06/2013 07:46
Hi Barnoul
The Harbourguides Crew use a Rocna anchor aboard our 35 foot Dufour 'Knight Song'. Although we are not experts at anchoring we have found it to work fantastic. We also heard about the quality issues, but were assured that this matter has been resolved. There may be some of the 'old stock' knocking around, so ensure you buy one off a Rocna agent, and you shouldnt have any problems.
Good luck
HG Crew
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