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What is the best treatment for Osmosis

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16/03/2016 13:14
A few years ago I scraped all the antifoul off my boat and noticed a few small blisters which im pretty sure was the early stages of osmosis. The boat was at that time in a fresh water lake.For the past 5 years though the boat has been kept in the Med, therefore in salt water. The tiny blisters were not visible through the antifoul, but I have recently antifouled again this year and the blisters are becoming more prominent and increasing in numbers.
The boat was built in 1999 and other than this is in great condition.
I would like some advice on what to do next and when I should do it. I have heard conflicting reports on what to do ranging from nothing to having a gel coat peel. I have also heard that sandblasting the blisters out is also an option.
I would be extremely grateful for any advice on this. the boat is Dufour.
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