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To live aboard a Tandem Island

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05/05/2018 11:54

I don't see much problem in living aboard a Hobie Island, except for the fact that there are very few places in the world that have a pleasant climate all year around. That means one might have to move with the seasons. Which certainly is easier said than done, as you might have to cross big waters and are not allowed to stay more than a few months in a country that isn't your own.I am a Swede and thus also a citizen in the European Union. I am not sure if I should try to travel between northern Europe and southern Europe/northern Africa twice every year, if I should try to stay in the Canary Islands all year around or if I should pick a route between Canada, the US and the Bahamas or Mexico. One could also imagine seasonal routes in South America or East Asia. Possibly I could own TIs at different places, but I certainly would prefer sailing to flying.

Please help.

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