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the water tank in the yacht

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12/09/2015 18:47
need to know the right capacity water tank for 75 feet sailing yacht
and is it better to split it into 2 tank .each 1 on each side of the hull to balance the boat
or just one big tank any where
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14/09/2015 16:12
We are asking about for advice for you on this matter. Will get back to you ASAP.
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14/09/2015 22:30
Difficult one to reply to without knowing your needs. If you are blue water cruising and staying at anchor and going on long passages etc., you will need as much water as you can comfortably accommodate. However if you are going to be mainly based in a marina environment where you have easy access to water supplies, you would not need to carry as much. Please let me know what your sailing expectations are and I may be able to help more.
Whatever it is, I hope you enjoy.
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