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That taken for a ride feeling

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17/08/2015 07:15
To all you yacht captains and owners . I am sure you are all tired of marinas ripping you off . Well I must warn you all to stay away from Marina Villa Igiea in Palermo . We had the unfortunate luck to have to berth in this Marina working through an agent due to our length . The cost of the marina is Euro 880 per night for a 36 mtr yacht the treatment was disgusting and the place is very dirty . When I complained about the price I was told that this is the only Marina that can take us and thus they can charge what they like . Hell I thought the Italian Mafia was all but quite . Well they seem to be active in the marina office .
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17/08/2015 11:55
Thanks for the warning. Sounds like a place to avoid.
Harbourguides Crew
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