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Spanish Boat licence - For Spanish only ?

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21/05/2018 07:58

I have a situation that I'm not sure how to go about sorting out.
I want to buy a 10m cabin cruiser on the sea. I am aware that to do this a Patron de Embarciones de recreo Titilo is required by Spanish law.
Like a driving licence this requires a theory exam and a practical exam ...which I am totally prepared to accept and undertake.
The Problem.
The Theory Exam is only available in Spanish. Whilst my seamanship may be up to the standard, my Spanish certainly isn't and since the exam is time limited, I know that I will be unable to complete the paper in the time allocated.
I have asked if -
...The exam paper can be presented in English - NO !
...I can have a translator to read the paper for me in the exam - NO !
So I am unable to sit the exam and hence not have a boat.
Now in my simplistic view ... I am being prejudiced against on the grounds that I am not Spanish.
Or more simply that my reading Spanish in not up to exam standard.
I feel there should be something that can be done about this blatant racial discrimination
i would welcome any useful guidance on this.

Any help will be apprecited.
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Thank you
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24/05/2018 13:38
Sounds crazy! Sorry cant help with this, I will ask about.
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