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17/04/2013 13:07
Hi. This might sound daft but I read about some candles from a company called Moochers Emporium on the site that are supposed to be safe for use on board a boat. I have tried using normal candles before and although they are great for a relaxing atmosphere they also pollute the atmosphere in the cabin and it's hard to relax if there is any swell. Basically I'm trying to find out if anyone has tried the Moochers Emporium candles? They sound good but are they as good as they sound?
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17/04/2013 13:36
Hi Bomarino. I bought a couple last summer when they first showed up on the internet at http://stores.ebay.co.uk/moochersemporium. Total bargain and they arrived in 2 days. They're gr8.

No smell. and they stay upright unless it gets really choppy. I used a bit of blue tak to make sure they stayed where they are. bought some decent batteries and they lasted for over a month. I've gone and bought a few more since. Got the shake on blow off for my little girl and a three remote controlled for on deck. And a set of the colour changing ones for the cabin. vewy wilaxing.
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21/04/2013 21:34
We have these candles as our prize for this months competition http://www.harbourguides.com/competitions.php ..We rate them and actually some aboard the Harbourguides yacht 'Knight Song' Very safe.
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25/04/2013 12:53
After trying to find the candles on line via mr de wulf's URL I went solo and discovered the candles at http://stores.ebay.co.uk/moochersemporium

Got a set of the coloured ones, which arrived in two days. Now on Windermere for a few days getting the boat straight and have to say the evenings have been a real wind down. Maybe I'm just gadget mad but I have been attempting 'mood changes' by adjusting the colours... or am I just sad?
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28/10/2013 21:33
Hi I have not been able to get on this eBay site the link is saying The shop does not exist. Does anyone know of where I can get these candles?
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29/10/2013 07:16
Hi Andrea
I too have followed the link and it is down. I did search ebay for these candles and they are on there in abundance. I cant reccomend any particular one as I have not received or ordered any yet.
There are so many to choose from and no doubt some will be a wast of money while others will be good addition to a boat.
Would be interested if anyone could reccomend a particular make and supplier.
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