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08/02/2013 15:02
I am planning to move my boat to Barcelona and will be virtually living aboard.My initial plans were to moor at Marina Portvell. I have now been told that there is still extensive repair work going on at the marina and that I will have to look elsewhere.I have visited Port Olympic before but I am concerned about the noise there from the clubs that is said to go on well into the morning. Does anyone have any ideas?
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08/02/2013 15:45
Hi Jerry
The Harbourguides Crew keep our boat at Port Olympic, and we had similar concerns about the noise issue, but it really hasn't been a problem.We have stayed at Portvell and that can also be pretty lively late on.If you fancy a quiet marina Port Forum is only a few miles further away, and there is no noise of an evening there.
Good luck and hope to see you in Barcelona
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09/02/2013 10:01
I have heard that they are still asking people to move their boats from Portvell. I visited the marina only a few weeks ago and there still looks like there is a lot more work to do yet. The toilette facilities are not good there either as they are using portacabins.
When all the work is done, no doubt it will be a fabulous place to stay as the position is second to non. Expect to see more and more super yachts there also.
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10/02/2013 15:31
We are going to Barcelona tomorrow 11th Feb. Will check out the progress at Port Vell and let you know what they say.
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24/02/2013 13:31
We have emailed Portvell regarding progress on the marina, but so far havn't had a reply..Will let you know when we do.
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25/02/2013 12:32
Hello to all of you from MPV. Extensive construction work is now going on now and we will have staged completion with various phases this year and finishing in the first quarter of 2014. You are right in saying that toilet facilities are currently in portacabins but once we have our new reception building we will have some lovely facilities for you. I hope that you all come and visit us!
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26/02/2013 10:13
Thanks for the response guys..I am back in Barcelona next week so will take a good look around..I do like the location of Port Vell, so hopefully I will end up there.
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02/03/2013 10:19
HI Marina Port Vell - what size moorings will you have available and do you have any idea on what the mooring fees will be?
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08/03/2013 16:31
Hi Andrea..I am in Barcelona now..Will try and ask at Port Vell, re cost of moorings..
See you in Easter!!
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13/04/2013 10:03
Here is the link to the future vision of Port Vell http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bpdox8xQT60&feature=player_...
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16/11/2013 21:31
Just sailed through Barcelona, moored at Forum, but took a good look at Port Vell. Looks like they have done a lot of work there and things looking good.The location of the marina is second to non in Barcelona. but(There is always a 'BUT') the rumours are that the mooring fees are extremely high, whether you want to rent or buy.
Location location! is the key word here and it is common knowledge that they are seeking the 'Super Yacht' market. But(Another one) there are an awful lot of small, medium, and large boat owners out there that would fill that marina if the price is right.
Lets see how it pans out.
Like your website, its fun!
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