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New Cobalt R7 Quality Issues

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15/05/2018 11:14

I am new to this site and boating in general. I bought my first boat last year. A shiny new loaded R7. Beautiful boat, but had problems right out of the gate. I am just wondering if I have a lemon or if this is to be expected from a new boat.
-Boat was dropped off by dealer and only in the water 15 minutes before the engine light came on. Found oil spraying all over the engine compartment. Some fitting was not installed correctly.
-The underwater lights were not working. Turns out a screw was ran through a wiring harness
-The stereo has a whining noise when the engine is running. Amp replaced, speakers still make a whining noise. In the repair shop now being looked at
-Tear in one of the seats. Seat was replaced
-Running boat this year after coming back from last years warranty items and the check engine light starts going off again. It is a bad oxygen sensor, so its now back in the repair shop. The boat now has 40hrs on it
-I have the small sink option in the back seating area. I pushed the sink plug into the drain and the entire sink fell into the hull. The sink is glued under the counter with a bead of clear silicone. It's in the repair shop now being fixed
-One of the snaps that holds down the carpet is rusted. I thought this would be stainless steel. he boat has had very little water in it. Its stored under a cover on a boat lift.
I am not trying to just complain. I really want to love this boat, but my frustration is building. I paid $170K for a boat that is supposed to be well built. Am I just being too picky, I mean is this to be expected with a new boat or do I have a lemon on my hands? Has anyone else had problems like this with a new boat purchase?

Any help will be apprecited.

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