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Money Saving Tips

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23/11/2012 18:00
Although I wouldnt describe myself as living aboard my boat, I am spending more and more time on her since we sailed her to Barcelona.
What money saving tips are there when spending long periods aboard?
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28/11/2012 09:22
There's too many money saving tips to mention in one post. But obvious ones are if your staying in a marina and the electric is included in the fees, make sure you use electric kettle and hobs, rather than use your gas. If you don't have these items buy them. They will pay for themselves in a short period of time
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02/12/2012 12:43
If you know people who live aboard in your marina, and if you are a weekend sailor etc. Rather than throw away food when you leave, offer it first to the live aboards.They will probably appreciate it.
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07/12/2012 13:18
Hi harbour guides, it would be good if you could add MST's for different marina's - such as where is the best place to buy chandlrey items, gas refils. maintenance and repairs and most important the cheapest beer and food in the area!!
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09/12/2012 12:16
Hi Andrea
Just joined this forum and have to agree with your comment. any kind of advice is helpful. I am based in the North West of England and have visited many marinas here. I am however getting a bit tired of the weather here and am looking to move south to achieve warmer times. Do you or other members have advice to a good location for a live aboard to settle in. I am retired and have a limited budget, so looking for un-expensive suggestions.
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13/12/2012 19:37
Obviously, the more you do yourself the less it costs to run your vessel, if your a motorboat owner check out the frequent fuel discounts offered by some marinas for regular customers. If you are a berth-holder, sit down with service guys at the marina and come up with a long term year-on-year maintenance schedule, they offer discount for long-term custom it works well for them too knowing your there to stay. Joining a yacht club may seem an expense, but clubs often establish various discounts with insurance companies and other products and services, they often offer free launching of smaller vessels and have reciprocal arrangements when you’re visiting other clubs and harbours where you can use visitor moorings and facilities at no charge. With regard to insurance, you may be tempted to forgo this expense, but be aware that insurance is usually required by most marina's and yacht clubs. Premiums are based on market value, age of vessel, claim history and experience, they may also require a survey of the vessel. For smaller vessels a cost-effective alternative between trailering and keeping your boat in the water, is dry stack storage—a launch on demand usually in the water with an hours notice, as if that's where you left it and it usually is! Just one quick phone call before you leave the house, soon becomes part of the weekend routine!
I hope you find these tips useful in working out your own costs and that this leads to more enjoyment because you can feel comfortable accurately estimating and living within your boat budget. I’d love to hear comments and ideas from anyone who has suggestions on reducing running costs.
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13/12/2012 19:51
Couldn't agree more Mike!
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