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Mini B Diving

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05/12/2012 08:24
I am thinking of getting a Mini B diving system for general underwater maintenance on the boat. I have never dived with bottles before, but I was told that you dont really need any previous experience to be able to use these, as a couple of quick lessons will suffice as they are that simple to use. Is this true?
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06/12/2012 20:13
Hi Clem.
Mini B do a Microdive Adventurer Course for people who have not dived before. Apparently after a few lessons you are capable of using the equipment.A couple of the Harbourguides Crew have mini B for their boats but they are quite experienced divers. They certainly rate them highly for general boat maintenance. you can find out more by visiting their website on http://www.mini-b.com/
Good luck and enjoy your diving.
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24/02/2013 13:17
The Harbourguides Crew did a news article on the Mini B Diving gear some time ago.. Follow the link to view it http://www.harbourguides.com/news.php/MINI-B-SCUBA-GEAR
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