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Marine WiFi boosters

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30/11/2012 16:45
looking to buy a wifi booster for my boat as the wifi in the marina is very poor. Can anyone give me advice on which one to buy, and are they worth the investment. the price I have been quoted is 299 + VAT plus delivery.
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30/11/2012 18:23
I have decided to go for Mailasail Wifi Bat..its pretty pricey, if anyone else has one I would be keen to here what they think about them.
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02/12/2012 12:39
I am looking for one myself..Will be interested in your feedback when you have used it.
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05/12/2012 08:18
I am going to the boat for Christmas, so will be trying the Wifi booster then. Will let you know how we get on with it.
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06/12/2012 20:19
We look forward to hearing your review on this product. WiFi in marinas is quite often slow, and of course when sailing having the ability to have an extensive range of long range WiFi options can be essential for all sorts of reasons.
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09/12/2012 11:56
I have been looking for a solution for the same problem! bad or slow WIFI connection in the marina. PLEASE let us know if this is the solution to the problem..If it is I dont think its expensive..however if it doesn't work then if they give it to me free it is!
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26/01/2013 08:33
I Used the WiFi bat whilst on the boat at Christmas and New Year.Its a great success now I have installed Windows 7 on the laptop and you pretty much just plug it in and it works. Prior to this I was running on Vista, and it was harder to install. you have to download the drivers etc and I never got it working right.
Alls well now though.
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20/02/2013 00:51
I would be very wary paying big money on these devices. I am not very well up on computers etc but my nephew is, and he has informed me that with the introduction of 4G internet, access is going to be a lot quicker and the need to use WiFi will become less & less.
Don't know if this is going to the case, but if anyone else can enlighten me I would much appreciate it.
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26/04/2013 12:09
I have a WIFI booster areal, and although it picks up many signals from bars hotels and restaurants etc I can never get full internet service. I put the correct code in and get access but it has a message saying Local access, or something similar. Can someone please give me some advice as I spent a lot of money on this and really need internet access aboard my boat.
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