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Marinas and Waste Water

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15/05/2018 11:12

In Canada, the great lake particularly, it is the law that excetia from marine heads must be held in a holding tank on board and delivered to a pump out station periodically but must never be pumped into the lakes. I'm ok with that and have determined I can fit a 13 gallon holding tank on my boat. Some of the marinas can have almost no current and it would spoil a few barbeques were it not so. Now what about kitchen, washing and showering water? Last I heard it went overboard. Certainly when cruising it may not be noticed but according to the local marinas, 'new environmental rules and regulations most marina’s do not like or allow overboard grey water '.
I have been doing a search and could not find much information on plumbing for grey water. Most only describe black water. I am wondering if I can add a grey water holding tank next to the fresh water tank but how to plumb it without a bunch of pumps and valves. Anyone else at this point?

Any help will be apprecited.

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