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Looking to hire old/small fishing boat

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25/10/2013 12:49
Hi there, hope this is the right place, or that at least someone can point us out in the right direction.

We are shooting a film and need to do a scene at sea. We are looking to rent an old fishing boat or a boat which looks old and well used, to go out at sea for a few hours either on the 2nd of November or the 3rd.

Its a small crew and 1 actor. We have budget so hopefully this would be a good day's work for someone with the right boat.

We would drive from London (where we are based).

My work email is:

and our website (so you can check our work) is:

Any information would be much appreciated.

Kind regards,
Pedro de la Fuente
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26/10/2013 13:00
Hi Pedro
We will pass your request on to some of our contacts,and hopefully we will get a response from them.
Harbourguides Crew
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26/10/2013 18:01
Hi Pedro
We have several boats in the Fleetwood area we use for film locations. i will be back in the office later this evening and will send you some details through.

Our website is www.filmlocations.co.uk

Speak soon , best regards

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27/10/2013 16:06
Hey guys, thanks so much for the reply.

We are looking for old fishing boats in the Jurassic Coast (Devon, Swanage, Poole) area.

If you know of anyone please do get in touch.

The kind of boats the guys at film locations sent me are exactly what we are looking for. Just got to be in the specified area.

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