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living on a sailing boat in vietnam.

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19/05/2018 06:41

I just arrived in Vietnam 3 days ago, but I am already totally in love with this country and its people. I own a sailingboat which is currently waiting for me in Cairns (Australia). I was planing to do a world journey with it, but I got f***ed over by a dieselfitter big time. This problem did set me back about 10000$ and destrojed my plans to travel the world because this was basically all my travelbudget. Anyway I had to leave australia now for visa reasons and so it came that i tumbled into Vietnam. Now where I am more and more falling for this country, I start to wonder if there is a possibility to live aboard my boat somewhere here. Does anyone of yous have an idea how the regulations in terms of importing a boat are and also if I would be allowed to live aboard as a foreigner?
Any Suggestion Would be appreciate.

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