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Living aboard in Plymouth

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11/07/2018 11:06

So, anyway - I've been looking at other options and like the idea of living aboard in Plymouth, for a number of reasons. I've done some basic research on marinas/options around Plymouth, and will hire a car and go down there for a day to look around at them all. I really like the look of Sutton Harbour (I've been there before and loved it). What's their policy on liveaboards? What, in general, is the policy of liveaboards in the various marinas around Plymouth? Are there marinas which seem to be post popular with liveaboards? I almost feel a bit silly for asking, because strictly there are no liveaboards in either of the marinas I have previously lived in, but nobody ever seems to mind as long as you are polite, friendly, chatty and keep your boat ship shape (of course!). But it's always good to know.

Any help will be apprecited.

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