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Living aboard in marina's - advice needed

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10/05/2018 14:36

My partner has begun to seriously consider the possibility of living aboard Crystal, our 1927 bermudian yawl - she is homely enough to live comfortably aboard, although both working, we think it would have to be in a city marina, at the moment, probably Ipswich.
I can see a potential problem - I know that Marina's in the UK, for some reason, don't like liveaboards, and I was wondering if anyone here knew any that allowed it. The other option is to go abroad, maybe to France, which would be significantly cheaper, although I'm concerned about various matters to do with the yacht's status, considering she is too old.
Can anyone give any useful advice about the beurocracy of living aboard a yacht in a marina, either in this country or on the continent (France or Holland).

Any help will be apprecited.

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