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Live aboard financing questions?

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05/05/2018 11:51

As a family looking to get out of the renting market and have a place to call our own we are being very serious about buying a live aboard.At first we have been looking at sailboats that we could later cruise however for us I think it would be much more beneficial to keep our TS and buy a house boat.We have a couple in mind but where wondering if someone out there could help us avoid any hidden pitfalls when it comes to financing.
We were wondering if it is possible to get a home mortgage since it would be our primary residence (I can not really see the difference between a houseboat and a pre-manufactured relocatable home) I assume you would be able to mortgage one of these?

Please help.

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05/12/2019 10:07
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22/05/2020 12:15
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02/10/2020 07:33
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