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Is a boat Insured when lifted by a boat yard / marina

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09/11/2013 12:23
I have noticed that some marinas and boat yard display a sign saying, 'It is the boat owners responsibly for the positioning of the slings' , I feel this is a way of putting the responsibility on to the owner, I find this unfair as your paying the so called expert to do lift . I don't thing there many boat owners who are experts in lifting boats

Maybe members of the forum could comment
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09/11/2013 13:22
Dont know about all marinas and boatyards but I have just copied this from Fambridge Yacht Haven:
'We operate an 'open site' policy which allows you greater choice to bring any contractor onto site without paying any extra commission to the yard. All contractors working on site must comply with current Health & Safety Regulations and carry appropriate 3rd Party Insurance.'
Will look further into it for you.
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09/11/2013 14:10
Thank you for your very prompt reply . Just so the full facts I was witness to a large motor cruiser being dropped . I believer the boat yard then try to blame the person on the boat saying he had poisoned the slings in the wrong place. As my boat is on the same marina I asked the boat yard owners why is there a sign on the wall by the lifting area Saying ' It's boat responsibility for the positioning of the slings' the yard owner say this is a requirement that our Insurance has insisted on. He say boat owner need not to worry we have insurance. This make me think this is a way of getting out of a claim , why have a new sign put on a wall if the content dose not apply
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09/11/2013 19:13
Never really thought about this before. I have always assumed (wrongly obviously) that the boat would be covered by the marina/boatyard or company carrying out the work.I certainly wouldnt want to take responsibility for positioning the slings. It really is a cause for concern and I will be checking out the insurance credentials of those concerned next time I have my boat lifted out.
Another thing to worry about..
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14/11/2013 12:00
Hi Morgan thank you for your response . I find it very worrying to think some boat yards / mariners don't tell you the risk , I think anyone who is having there boat lifted should be aware if there was a Problem who would be responsible , as after the event it sometimes to late
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14/11/2013 22:15
Yes this is definitely a concern.Its one thing putting a sign up in a marina or boatyard, but what if you dont notice it. If your boat is being lifted out by a company and they are not responsible for any accidents, or the boat owner is responsible for the position of the slings, I think they should personally notify you of this, and get you to sign a consent form. This way it would be made clear that the boat owner is aware of the risks involved.Then you have an informed choice of weather you permit them to do the lift.
I would have always naively believed that someone operating a boat lift was both qualified to do this safely and if not, had the relevent insurance to compensate any problems should an accident occur.
I really feel for the boat owner in question, and I too will look into who lifts my boat out next time and check their credentials and insurance etc.
Thanks for making this aware.
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15/11/2013 00:29
I asked a ten boat owner , did they see or inspect the insurance and any contract before the lift 10 out of 10 said No

I feel we are all far to trusting
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