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Is a Boat insured if the seacocks fail?

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02/12/2013 19:06
Just wanted to know if a boat is insured if one or more of the stopcocks fail and she sinks.I was speaking to someone in the marina that is certain that an insurance company wont pay out if the stopcocks fail. Could someone enlighten me please.
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04/12/2013 17:35
Hi I was told by a survey that when he inspects a boat that has sank or suddenly taken on water , he would inspect the seacocks to make sure they are operating correctly also if the boat was left unattended he said he would expect the seacocks where closed. I got the impression the insurance would not pay out with out a fight
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14/12/2013 08:29
Thanks for the reply. I am taking my boat out for anti foul before the summer, and I am now planning to replace the seacocks as I can not turn them on and off at the moment. They are permanently open, and quite rusty.
Thanks for the advice.
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