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How to stop the toilets smelling on a boat

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17/01/2017 18:49
I visit my boat about once a month and stay on her for about a week at a time. Whenever I arrive and open the heads door, the smell is extremely unpleasant. I always clean it before I leave and it seems fine until I return. Is there a trick I am missing or something?
Any ideas would be welcome
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21/01/2017 00:12
Hi Patty
There are lots of reasons that for this. I leave my boat for a few months at a time. Before I leave, I always flush the toilet with clean soapy water several times, making sure that all unclean water has been flushed through the system. the water pipes going back into the water are a lot longer than you would think, as they have to be looped high to stop water siphoning back in from the sea.
So, flush water through the heads and all other water systems, Sink in Galley, Basin in Heads etc. This should make the boat smell as beautiful as she is on your return.
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