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How to prepare your boat to be towed

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09/10/2015 09:18
I have a motor sailor and up until last week the engine had never let me down. However last week it did, and there was not one knot of wind. A power boat came along side and kindly offered to toe me back to the marina. I rigged a line from one of the front cleats and threw the other end to the power boat. The boat towed in a peculiar way and I couldnt release it without leaving the helm (I was sailing single handed) So this got me thinking is there a routine way to prepare your boat to be towed?
Thanks Pete
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10/10/2015 08:55
Practical Boat Owner suggests that yachts prepare for a lifeboat tow by rigging a bridle, a stout line which passes from the bows of the boat down each side of the vessel, taking a turn around bow and midship cleats and thence secured to the main sheet winches.
Hope this helps
HG Crew
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