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How To Get UK TV Abroad?

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07/11/2013 15:08
I am currently staying in Spain on my boat, but am having trouble getting UK TV. I have seen some people in the marina with large satellite dishes and they are getting lots of channels, but I dont have the space to stow anything like this. I have pretty good wifi in the marina and thought that I would be able to use the BBC and ITV I-Players, but they wont allow access when abroad.
Is there a good website that I can use that would allow me to get English TV?
I would be grateful for any help in resolving this matter.
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09/11/2013 09:27
Try 'Film on Free' http://www.filmon.com/
If you have good WIFI it should work a treat.Dont let the name put you off, its not just films, its basically TV programmes from all over the world.
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14/11/2013 22:57
Thanks Barnowl! I wish I knew about this before. Its fantastic, we can now get all our UK channels and other foreign also.
Thanks again
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