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How to get rid if diesel bug

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10/10/2015 20:01
My old reliable Volvo Penta engine gave up on me last summer, due to no fault of her own, but she succombed to the old diesel bug. I have had the the tanks pumped out, but not taken out and flushed. the guy who did the job pumped out the diesel with a filter, kept the new filtered stuff, about 300 litres, told me to keep my tanks full in future but didnt advise me whether to add any chemicals to stop this happening in the future. the main reason for this was a language barrier,. is there a good presentative that you can put in your fuel to stop or prevent this diesel bug?
Thanks in advance
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12/10/2015 13:47
There is a product called Clear Tank. I have added the link below to it
There are other companies and products though.
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