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how to get BBC I Player abroad

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17/01/2015 18:47
I am mostly abroad on my boat, and Film On to watch English TV. I can't get BBC I Player though. I have met people who do, using some kind of app that disguises the fact that you are abroad. Can you recommend one?
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15/02/2015 16:15
Get 'Hide my ass' ap. It hides your ip address, so i-player wont know that you are abtoad.
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13/05/2015 05:47
Yeah that is good option for you instead of getting into something else. Use it and then tell me what are the results.
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28/05/2015 17:24
We use Hide my ass VPN whenever we are abroad janetfdoss. It works great, but sometimes slows down the wifi but I have been told that you just change to another server and you are back up to speed. Highly recommended.
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