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How can I build up my sea hours?

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05/11/2014 09:14
We have had an email from someone asking for help and advice as they wish to get into the maritime industry. The email is below, any help would be appreciated.
Hi my name is max im 22 and currently a self employed carpenter. I am looking to change into the maritime industry after refitting a 40m super yacht called Moonmaiden. I am looking for anybody to take me on as a deckhand so that I could build up some hours at sea and gain experience to help me get a full time job. I already have my stcw 95 and my powerboat level 2 licence I also have my ML5 medical so I can only currently go out 60 miles. I am very keen to learn and I am offering to labour for free. If you could help me in any way or know of anybody that could it would be much appreciated.
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