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Hobie Bravo as a sailing class/ youth boat?

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05/06/2018 15:29

My experience with the Bravo is all of 5 minutes looking at one on a beach in Mexico. I have a 16 an 18 and a 20 with fairly extensive racing and fun sailing.I'm working with my yacht club to develop a youth sailing/ sailing education program and have a huge issue with water access. We have moored boats, and a launch crane and a beach that we launch our cats from. The 'normal' sailing program tends to have Optis, Lasers or other small dinghies that are a big difficult to get on and off the beach(12'' surf). We also are in a somewhat protected bay, but the wind can pick up from 10-25knts pretty quickly at the opening.I like the idea of the remolded cat with a seemingly easy to furl main and single board and rudder system. My main concerns with the boat is how much or how little weight it can sail with. How easily a beginner, like an 8 year old can sail it or can an adult and an 8 year old sail it without being overloaded. I think the catamaran aspect can make our beach launch easier and help get kids excited about sailing in our area. I am looking at a young beginner Opti class on a nearby lake, an intermediate youth Bravo/Laser Class on lake or beach, and a more advanced H16 or...? class for those that want to keep going. This is the brainstorming period, so any thoughts or comments would be appreciated.

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