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Harbour Book

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03/11/2017 15:27
Hello! I am looking for a comprehensive guide book on harbours around England or the whole of Britain. Something that would include if you can launch and where to launch a boat from, if it is a working harbour, all other relevant information.
Not really looking for a sailing information as I have a small power boat.
Any help very much appreciated!!! x
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08/11/2017 19:56
Hi katka
I used the drop-down on the area section on the homepage of harbourguides.com I then clicked into the Harbour or marina and got the relevant info. I too didn't need all the sailing info, just wanted some details on the harbour itself. Its a little time consuming but most Of The coastal launch points are there.
Good luck
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14/06/2020 16:25
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03/08/2020 19:23
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19/08/2020 10:07
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26/12/2020 18:44
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