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Fortier 26 versus Pilot Cove 26 ?

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30/04/2018 11:40

I have been eyeballing the Fortier 26 'Bass Boat' for several years now...beautiful lines, strong, stable, economical. However, they are 'foam-core' or 'balsa-core' constructed...(depending on the year built) which can be a liability, especially in the older boats.
I have recently begun to see a Pilot Cove 26 (both single and twin engine models) which looks exactly like the Fortier...however, I can't find any info on these boats other than that they are supposedly 'solid glass' construction, which I consider to be superior over a cored build.
They both seem to be in the same price range for used boats of the same year...(I would NEVER buy a brand-new boat).
So...my questions for the downeast experts are:
Is the Pilot Cove for real? Or is it an inferior 'knock-off' of the Fortier? Is the solid glass hull truly superior to a cored hull?
I've always preferred twin engines, both for the reliability and maneuverability factors...but have heard that twins in a downeast hull are a no-no...Would the twin-engine Pilot Cove be the best of both worlds? Or would I be better off with the single diesel...in either the Pilot Cove or the Fortier? Where is the Pilot Cove built and how do I get technical info on them?

Any help will be apprecited.

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