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Dufour fridge draining problems

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24/06/2014 10:51
I own a Dufour 35 Classic,(1999) and really rate the boat highly. Obviously there are always one or two issues with any boat. The main one I have with mine is the fridge draining system. I cant quite figure out just how it is supposed to drain into the bilge. I seem to be getting a build up of water that is soaking the wood at the bottom of the fridge and cooker. There seems to be no access point to inspect the route or problem.Would appreciate some feedback if possible.
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30/06/2014 16:25
Here are the replies to the queries regarding the fridge draining problem, from a Dufour Yacht forum. Hope they help
Derek Russell Steve, It sounds as if you have the same top loading fridge that is fitted to my 32 Classic. Mine has a drain point in the bottom fitted with a plug. If you pull the plug, then the water drains into a space under the fridge. I've tried unsuccessfully to add a proper drain tap - and failed. We compromise; leave the plug in permanently and keep a microfibre cloth in the fridge to soak up the water. This is not an elegant solution .... but it is the only one I can get to work. Derek Russell, 'Freebird'
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Steve Mally Thanks Derek..I think I will give that a try.
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Derek Gardner We have and do the same as Derek I prefer that to have the water running into the bilges
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Alan Brown I glued a pipe into this hole at the back & run it down to the bilges.
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Jeremy Rowley On my 35 Classic, the plug drains straight into the bilge. I think the problem described in the forum might be something else.
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