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Does stainless steel rust?

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04/08/2016 09:08
Can you help solve a discussion. I only buy stainless products on my boat (Screws, fittings etc) I was under the impression that stainless steel does not rust. However some of the deck fittings have started to rust. Is this possible if they are actual stainless steel?
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26/09/2016 13:58
Hi Harry
It depends on the quality of the stainless steel. Low grade will certainly rust on a boat. the higher level of steel is less likely to rust.
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13/11/2017 13:22
As was said... depends on purity. Sadly you cant really expect top quality even on multi milion yachts. Furthermore the sea salt is highly corrosive. So sadly parts gonna rust over time.
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19/11/2019 06:25
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23/11/2019 09:54
Good stuff man! I would love to see this done on S110v, Maxamet and some M390 variety. I've been wondering just how resistant S110v is and how prone Maxamet is.
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18/07/2020 13:57
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